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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Upcycling: Scarves and Necklaces Made from T-shirts

 Update:  If you are looking for instructions on how to make these necklaces, you can start here!

The Iron Craft Challenge this week is to make something for the holidays, including gifts. I've been making scarves by upcycling old t-shirts. This one is a ruffle scarf made from a sunprint misprint. Crazy thing took 36 hours to dry and didn't leave any impressions.

This one is a string or infinity scarf with a t-shirt flower. It is the one I made as a gift for some one who reads the blog. The cool thing about these scarves is that you just cut strips out of the t-shirt and stretch them until they curl up. Once you have enough, you tie them together with another strip of t-shirt and you have a necklace or light scarf to wear. It can be worn long or wrapped around depending upon the size of the t-shirt you started with. I cut strips from the sleeves to make matching necklaces.

I do have to find a better way to photograph these. It is a gloomy day so the light isn't as good as I would like but it is also hard to find a way to display them. I tried doing the picture in the mirror. You would have laughed histerically to see me trying to take pictures of me wearing them! I'll have to work on that.


  1. I've been seeing similar things on Pinterest lately & they looks great.

  2. i love your t-shirt scarfs

  3. I think making these scarves is wonderfully interesting. You use T-shirts, cut them into strips of any width? Then you stretch and sew the ends? I think it's wonderful. So many of my T-shirts have stains on the tummy part. (I should wear an apron) What creative ideas you have! Thank you for showing them.

  4. Cut circles from the t-shirt body and stretch them. They are just wrapped with a stretched piece of t-shirt.

  5. How do you make the top ruffled one?