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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Quilt for My Brother

Here is another quilt I haven't blogged about. It was made for my brother on the occasion of his earning Full Professor. Quite an accomplishment. I started his quilt well before the celebration. I had purchased several fabrics that were pretty staid, but appropriate. I used printed fabric photos left over from another project.

I made the first few blocks and became stalled out completely. I didn't have a plan or a clue how to make a crazy quilt. I just started sewing fabric onto the photos until it got to be kinda, sorta big enough. The problem was that I did not have enough different fabrics. I had to go back to the stash and the store and find more fabrics. The spuds got into the act. They started finding all sorts of fabrics that would work perfectly, or in some cases, totally annoy the monkey's uncle.

Once I had enough different fabrics, I still didn't have a clue, but I kept going with the basic plan and was able to finish it out.

Here you can see some of the quilting and some of the fabrics. The sock monkeys were perfect. There is a red tractor fabric in the center. The monkey's uncle is a red tractor kind of guy so the abundance of green tractor fabric was no help at all.

The pumpkins are a long story, as are most when talking about the monkey's uncle. Suffice it to say I do my best to bake him a pumpkin pie every October. Of course I try to find the strangest version of pumpkin pie, but again, that is another story for another blog.

Here you can see the whole thing. You might notice the one little picture with the broccoli frame. Again, perfect. There are also some raccoons, corn and dinosaur bones.

The quilt is a a good sized wall hanging. It has a hanging sleeve on the back. The quilting was done by Terri at Feather Touch quilting. She did a fantastic job with a very difficult quilt. I'm sure she had several, there is no way I can quilt that out moments with it. All of the blocks are randomly pieced and there are some decorative stitch elements around some of the photos.


  1. Given that it was a year late.... Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful quilt. I have never done a photo transfer to fabric. I love the quilting especially. It is very pretty. The green with the orange stands out. That type of placement is very popular right now. Great job!

  3. Thanks Judy. I will try to do a post on my phototransfer experience. I've actually done very little. My mother is the one who figured out which fabric to use and learned to scan and print. I have sheets of family photo fabric I'll be working from for years!

  4. A family quilt project - that is so very specail. Glad I stopped by to see the entire. Great fabrics too. Thanks for sharing!