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Monday, November 7, 2011

Slime Mold Quilt

This quilt is fondly referred to as the slime mold quilt. I made it for the Mini Art Quilt Swap 4 on Craftster. My partner had a picture on her wist from a Scientific American website. I was unable to chase it down further than that and so I really don't know what the image is. For lack of any better description, I started referring to it as the slime mold.

You can see the original image printed on the label for the quilt.

I was looking for my post about it and realized that I never did blog about this particular project.

The background fabric was hand painted to try and replicate the colors of the original image. The black slime mold body is a quilters cotton.

It was fused using raw edge applique and stitched with a blanket stitch. I used a machine stitch in silver/gray on top of that. In the picture above you can also see some of the hand embroidered accents and some of the beading using during quilting.

Some of the details were added using sequins, beads and embroidery.

This picture was taken just after the quilt was basted. You can see some more of the embroidery details as well as some of the machine quilting.

The center section and some of the details were hand quilted. The center was done using Pearl Cotton in a seed stitch. For the hand quilting I used a variety of metallic and embroidery threads.

The rest of the post is just more pictures of my little slime mold quiltie. I had so much fun making it that I want to share every little detail.

Entered into the Weekly Quilting Contest at Quilting Gallery!  June 22, 2012. 


  1. Gorgeous quilt but I sure can't think of it as slime mold!!! Too pretty for that!!! I love your awesome embroidery and quilting stitches.

  2. Now that is funny. I was just on your blog commenting about your beautiful travel quilt!

  3. The name really is rather silly. I wish I could have figured out what the original picture was really. It is clearly some kind of micrograph. I kept showing my little project to my non-science quilt friends and they wanted to know what it was supposed to be. It vaguely reminded me of slime mold moving across a petri plats so I called it that and the name stuck.

  4. That is very pretty and different. It's nice that you take the extra time to detail your work. It's art. Great work.