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Monday, November 28, 2011


Sure hope all you folks in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Sometimes it is hard to list the things for which we can be thankful. I took the time to get away and reflect a bit. In the course of my travels I saw a deer by the side of the road. It was in the same place I saw a deer many years ago when I was taking another much needed time out. For some reason, the sight of that deer at those times was all I needed to refocus my energy and figure out how to move forward. It was a break from all the crazy going on around me.

And just one part of the crazy right now is making CRAZY hats. I am making them for the Golden City Brewery. If you haven't been to the Second Largest Brewery in Golden, Colorado, then you need to find the time to visit. It has been repeatedly voted the best beer garden in Denver. It is a beer garden that is open all year round. Even in the snow. Lots of snow. Enough snow to dilute a good pint. That is where the hats come in. The crazy hats. They are the official hat of the Golden City Brewery. And I get to make them.

These hats are made out of two layers of fabric. They are very warm. Boy blacksmith and I had a blast picking out the craziest fleece we could find during the holiday sales. A few of these hats will be available in my shop for folks who are missing their Mad Molly's Brown or Cherry Bomber. I have special permission to use the design to make a run of non-GCB hats too. The first Zombie Survival hat is there today.

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