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Friday, November 4, 2011

Catching Up: One Groovy Mug Rug

I finally have a bit of internet access again so I am trying to do some catching up. I made this mug rug for OneGroovyDay in the mug rug swap 2 over at Craftster. It was my second swap. I think I am getting addicted to swapping. The design in the center is stitched from an Urban Threads design. The fabric is all little scraps of sunpainted fabric. The center has more of the seed stitched quilting using pearl cotton. One of these days I am going to have to make a little quilty for myself using that stitch. It is a little wonkier than I would have liked as I didn't do my usual binding. I couldn't find anything that said USE THIS for the binding. Everything I tried seemed to draw away from the sunpaint or from the birds so I did the stitch and turn thing. I don't like that technique. I also washed it well before I sent it on. Since I wasn't home I didn't have access to an iron so it is very wrinkly. I keep telling myself that an ironing would help, but perhaps it is just a wonky wrinkly quilt. At any rate my swap partner seemed to like it.

This is the lovely mug rug and fabric bowl she made for me. I absolutely love them both. I have them on my little table where I work and I use the rug every day. I've been using the little bowl to catch the threads when I sit in my comfy chair to trim badges. I'm having a terrible time uploading pictures so you can't see the darling little bird she put on the sunrise. It is funny that we both ended up making bird quilts!


  1. YOur quilt is so cheerful and happy. I love the colors, the bunting and the birds - and the stitches are awesome!

  2. Isn't making these little mug rugs fun! You can do so much for so little. We have birds in our yard that we love to feed so your quilt is super nice.

  3. I think I am going to be making a lot more mug rugs in the near future. They are so much fun and they satisfy my need for immediate gratification. Plus, I find that it is not as traumatic to make a 'mistake' on a mug rug. It is probably the time factor that makes it easy to let the tiny things go and just make another one.