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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Badges

I am having fun making more badges. Unfortunately, it is pouring and I am having a very hard time getting decent pictures of any of them with the available light.

This picture of some of the Halloween badges came out the best. I love the little spider. The raven is pretty cool too.

This one has a bright turquoise rim but it shows up as muddy green no matter what I do with it.

The runner in this one is a bright neon green and the outside is a slightly pale neon orange.

The revolver and denim are pretty ok, but the rim is a gorgeous burgundy.

True red on the life preserver with a bright cobalt blue rim.

The insides are OK on this one as well, the clouds are baby-bluer and the rainbows are brighter in real life. The rim again should be a bright cobalt blue. But hey it is a double rainbow. What can it mean?

I love the idea of this campfire badge. The rim is an olive green. I need to go for brighter colors on the flames when I make this one again since it is a little bit washed out to start with, but the picture surely doesn't help any.

Here is the whole collection together. The colors are a little bit better on the rims. At least you can get an idea of the real color.

I love the little fire truck. The tiny ladder totally cracks me up. I have bunch of other trucks and diggers to make.

And one last one for Halloween, a spooky tree. Again, the colors aren't at all right.

I want to get them posted in the shop, but I can't really do that until they look close to real life. I guess I am as whiny as the weather today. Help me out with suggestions for photographing, which ones you like or what else you might like to see. I promise to be more cheerful tomorrow.

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