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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge: Black and White

It took me so long to figure out what to do this week that I am late getting my pictures posted and I don't really have the project complete. Annie had a great suggestion to play with space in black and white. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I might do it in fabric using fusible web. The problem I couldn't get past was my ability to cut symmetrical shapes. That way, I could fuse the fabric and flip the segments around without having to flip them over. Flipping them over would mean I had to add the fusible web after the shapes were cut. Then I would have to clean my iron. Again. I'll keep pondering it. Perhaps it will be the basis for my next Alzheimer's quilt donation.

So first up is a very quick project. Spider web coasters made from a sheet of craft foam I had Laying around. Simple. I drew spider webs with a sharpie and cut around them. I've done this in the past with white foam paint on black foam. I think I like those better, but this was easy and the materials were ready to hand. They will probably become a Halloween hostess gift.

Next up is a damask pillow. It is made of flannel. All the fabric is flannel. Not my usual plan but I couldn't resist the black and white fabric with a 40% off coupon. The center is a machine embroidery design from Urban Threads. If you look closely you can see the spiders and webs and black cats and fences. If you look again you see a sinister skull looking at you. The backing is a deep envelope style backing in black flannel. The edges is a typical binding, machine stitched and finished by hand.

I've stitched the inverted pattern to make a second pillow that is mostly complete. I've also got some ravens and few others that I will finish up in the next week. Boy blacksmith will take them to Arcon to see how they sell there.

Check out all of the rest of the cool stuff from this week's challenge on the Flickr page or here.


  1. The pillow is simply gorgeous and I wouldn't have seen the skull without your comment!

  2. I bet that will sell really well, its such an interesting design.