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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iron Craft 39: Hold It

I am pushing the limits again this week in my Iron Craft Challenge. I am in a mad rush to get everything ready for a show this weekend so I didn't get to do my original idea. I have a stack of wool sweaters to felt and I was going to make mittens... mittens hold things!

I've been making lots of mini messenger bags and wool felt purses, but I already used the bags for a challenge so that didn't seem right.

So I am just going to have to submit my ever-so-lame display board for holding badges at the show. I am hoping that this will work to let people easily see what badges are available.

The details: It is a large bulletin board covered with batting and muslin. The 'sash' is a strip of denim. The badges are simply pinned on.

If you look closely you can see some of the new badges that I've been working on.
I like the words and I've started adding more adult beverages to the mix. I'd love to get suggestions for other things that you think need to be made into a badge.

Now... I've got to get back to work, but you can go see all the other cool holders at Just Crafty Enough. See you all next week.


  1. The badges are so cute...have you made a grilling one for guys?

  2. Thanks. Not yet. I'll put that on my list. I do have an oven mitt in the cue.