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Friday, July 20, 2012


There have been a lot of bad storms this year.  One of the spring tornadoes destroyed the house of one of SpudDad's co-workers.  He and his family lost everything.  SD wanted to help out.  We had a put this quilt top together a  couple years ago out of scraps.  Most of them are from my brother's quilt

We pulled it out and finished it up.  It was delivered this week.  I got the impression he liked it.

 Here you can see a little bit of the fabrics and get an idea of the quilting.  I was experimenting with using the embroidery function on my machine to do quilting.  I set up a pattern of a couple rectangles and then randomly stitched them all over the quilt.  I was also using my new Snap Hoop which has a flat surface and uses strong magnets to hold the quilt sandwich.  While there was still a bit of slippage, it was much easier to use than the Magna Hoop.  The flat bed of the hoop makes all the difference.  The Magna Hoop works, but moving the quilt is more difficult.  I still need a lot of practice positioning the sandwich in the hoop and figuring out which parts of the quilt to hold at what angle to avoid slipping before I will want to try something that requires precision placement. 

You can also see a bit of the binding which SD hand sewed. 

You can completely ignore this picture!  I was taking last minute pictures, indoors and didn't do so well.  I'm only posting this one because I am trying to keep a record of my quilts and this is the only shot I have of the backing.  It is a flannel with lots of colorful frogs.

The Details"  This is a lap quilt.  I don't have precise measurements.  It is a bit out of square on one corner.  The top is pieced from stash strips of quilter's cotton.  The backing is flannel.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted using the embroidery function and built in machine patterns.  There is a thick-ish polyester batting.  The binding is quilter's cotton and is hand stitched.  Mr SD cut the fabrics and hand stitched the binding.

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  1. What a thoughtful and lovely gift. I'm sure it will be cherished for years to come. The rectangular quilting is really neat!