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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cutting Question

So here is a question for you....

When you are going to cut a smallish piece of fabric (for applique or a small project) out of piece of fabric from your stash where do you start?  I am talking about regular cuts of fabric, anywhere from 1/4 yard on up.  My issue is preserving the 'best' piece for future projects.

  • Do you cut all the way across one selvage end at your largest measurement?  This preserves a large section but reduces the length of any strips you cut in the future.
  • Do you work your way across one edge?  Keeping the longer strip sections intact but making the whole thing narrower.
  • Do you whack away and worry about the scraps later? 
I really want to know because figuring out the initial cuts is one of the biggest things that slows me down on any project.  


  1. For me it's easier to cut along the longest part, depending on the project I'm making it for.
    Otherwise I'll cut off the selvedge then work from the other side.
    I cut fabrics by project. If I'm makign a lot of the same thing I'll use the longer edge and for just a few I'll grab an FQ. =D

  2. Usually cut off an chuck the width I need and whack from that piece...

  3. Well...you know I don't do a lot with yardage...but I usually do exactly what you did here and start in a corner. If the fabric becomes fussy to fold up neatly...I tear strips off until it's a nice neat package and then use the scraps...sometimes years later.

  4. I work my way along one edge, retaining the full width in case I want to use it for binding or to cut a jelly roll strip.

  5. I try to go for # 1 on your list first.
    Fussy cutting like paper piecing does waste quite a bit of fabric.
    If you are using a fabric with a design like the faries I was cutting it will depend on the repeat of the fabric, in this case I was not fussing cutting but needing one design element and ended up cutting as in number 2 on your list.