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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prayer Flags: The Rest of the Story

I posted this teaser picture a few days ago.  The flags have been received so I can show you the rest of the story.  This on is for the sister of the recipient who is battling serious health issues.

Prayer flags are made to hang outside and slowly decay.  The idea is that they will waft the prayers they represent across the land as they flutter in the breeze.  I did what I could to make this one extra fluttery because I really want these prayers to be heard. 

The strings and tassles are number 12 perle cotton.  the flag itself is made of muslin and the words are stamped. 

This flag was made for my swap partner.  She spoke a lot about angels.  I used the opportunity to try and digitize a new image.  For the first time, I was able to add stitches to the file.  That was a learning experience. 

This flag is also made of muslin.  The designs are machine embroidery and the lace is a piece of vintage tatting that I have been saving in my stash for just the right purpose. 

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  1. These are lovely. What a beautiful idea. I'm sure you're prayers and flags will work just the way they should.