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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buster and Belle

Some little friends came to visit yesterday.  I thought we were going to get out the dollies but she found her way to basement where the big boys were playing xbox.  The look on Spud 3's face when he realized I wasn't going to rescue him from the line up of toddlers patiently watching him was priceless.  It did remind me that I never posted my dollies here. 

When Spuds 1 and 2 were toddlers, I made them dollies.  They were named Alec and Andy.  They actually did like them and play with them quite a bit.  When I asked about them a couple years ago, they both knew exactly where the dolls were.  I never got around to making one for Spud 3.  That is until a couple years ago when I found the pattern and all the materials in my stash. 

I immediately made one for Spud 3.  I called him Buster because he was a stash buster.  I still had plenty of fabric so I made Buster a friend, Belle.  I was doing this around the time I got my new sewing machine so I spent a couple days making clothing and blankets for them, testing out the stitches and things. 

I have to say a tweenage boy is not exactly excited to get a dolly! Particularly one that comes complete with diaper!

It did bring back happy memories for dad though. 


  1. LOL! I bet he'll be able to tell you where Buster and Belle are in 5 years...or longer. These are all so precious. I DON'T have what it takes to make those little clothes so I have to just appreciate what you've done here!!!

    PS(I think I'm back)!

  2. Aw... So cute! All Dads miss that phase. Coach does already, and our youngest is only five!

    And, Spud 3 inundated with little ones? Too funny!

  3. Hee hee! I'm sure he loves his new dolly :). What a cute pattern. You know all these dolls are cherished, even if they don't want to admit it :).

  4. What cute dollies and I really enjoyed reading about them and your newest one!!