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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome to Leaf Springs (PQ 4:5)

The challenge for Project Quilting this week is to pick up a magazine, turn to page 28 and draw your inspiration from there.  I, quite foolishly, asked my husband to pick the magazine.

Yes, page 28 of Four Wheeler is a lovely article about Leaf Springs and how they can improve the speed on your four wheel drive.  The image, while relevant to the article, was not exactly inspiring.  I stressed until Wednesday.  I briefly contemplated cheating (GASP!)  I did look at a second magazine.  This one was the AAA travel mag.  Page 28 had a gorgeous picture of a Kentucky horse farm with graphically interesting stark white fences on brilliant green.... curved seams... NOT happening.  Back to leaf springs...  Wednesday and not an idea in sight.

Well, I drove a 1953 Willys Jeep CJ3B.  It seemed the logical choice for this.  Finally an idea, then a rough sketch.  That required pulling out almost every green, blue and grey fabric in the stash.  Fortunately the red, white and black were easy.   What a mess.

Did you know that you can use your front door as a light box?  Well you can.  Although it does make the neighbors look at you funny.  (So what else is new?)  Lots of machine quilting.  I used Heat and Bond light.  While I like the ease of using it, it is too thick for a quilt that needs to drape fortunately this is a wall hanging. 

Frantic stitching Friday morning.


A few stitchy details and loose leafy embellishments.  

Photo shoot on Saturday.

And it is finished!

Thus you have it.  Welcome to Leaf Springs.

 The details:
Raw edge applique fused on to a base of muslin.  All the fabrics are quilters cottons.  It is machine stitched and machine quilted in black thread using a straight stitch.   The binding is exactly 4 inches of my most favorite fabric ever. 
(Asked Spud one to measure it for me.  "1.1 x .6 cubits."   True measurements  14 x 20 inches.   Way off in his cubit estimation.  Blames it on a growth spurt!)  It is finished with fast finish triangles for hanging.

Go check out the Project Quilting Flickr page.  And check out all of the cool Project Quilting projects from past seasons. 

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  1. LOL!!! Oh I had no idea when I saw this on flickr. What a great challenge...one that I hope to participate in eventually...and you met the CHALLENGE SUPERBLY!!! Even if you Did...and maybe especially since you did...let hubby choose the magazine. Too funny...and too cool.

  2. Wow!! You nailed it!! You were so brave to let your hubby pick the magazine. It ended up working out perfectly :).

  3. This is fantastic! Proud of you for not cheating - and see how amazing it all turned out! Great job and thanks for sharing your process!