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Thursday, March 14, 2013


 Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  There is a lot going on in Meatspace around here. 

If you live in the St Louis area you can check out Mission: Clean Stream/GM Earth Day.  We are still accepting vendors if you are interested in sharing your green product/living/crafts. My TV interview about this was just released.  Totally goofy.  Hope I can duck out of doing more. 

We are prepping for a Trivia night.  I don't even remember if I shared the shirt bags with you already.  Sorry if this is a repeat photo.  We are making 8 of them.  I have one left to go and I am trying to get a quilt finished for a raffle prize.  I'll share pictures when I get a chance.  I'm digitizing a shamrock for the quilting but I have to finish the bags before I can set up the embroidery again.

In the meantime, there is still time to enter the Beat the Blues Blog Hop giveaway.  Check it out and then see all the amazing things quilters do in their non-quilting time by reading through the comments. 

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  1. Send me the tv link! I may not be able to watch it here in CO but I'll save it for when I get back in 2 MONTHS!!! OMGoodness!!!