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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things (I've been making) and Stuff (I've been doing)

Some random projects and pictures to share today.  I've been working pretty hard on things, making progress and getting some small finishes.  Here are some of them...

These are my first blocks for each partner in the Craftster block swap.  I am NOT a precision piecer.  Fortunately they are working out so far, but....

 I think I love this block, but I am not sure that I want to make a lot of them.  Using templates was problematic for me.  Once one of the partners came up with a rotary cutting process it was a lot easier.

  I think that I like these paint box blocks.  They are not very hard to do and look really cool.

This partner wants boy-ish log cabin blocks.  They are kind of a funky log cabin with variations on a color scheme in each round.  I have all of these done but no pics as of yet.  I had plenty of boy fabrics to use. 

Sadly, this picture is all my own.  A pile of patches all ready to trim.  I was working hard to get things finished before my machine decided to go back to the shop. I am hoping this is a recreational visit rather than a serious problem.  Either way, I'll be unable to stitch for at least a week.  Ugh. 

  This is a special order.  I love the way it turned out! 

  Another special order.  These ladies 'friends of M' don't want a patch, they want a pin.  I put Christmas fabric on the back and will hand stitch a pin or pin back onto them.

  I know it doesn't seem like much, but I was able to successfully draw (electronically) and digitize the open heart on the left.  That is a big step for me.  Drawing with a mouse is not easy for me. 

 I think I've shared these badges with you already. But I don't remember talking about the book.  It was able to clean it up quite a bit and then added the wee tiny heart on the cover.  This was the first digitizing project where I felt like I had some control over the process.  (I'm using free software called Design ERA and learning by trial and error so this is a big step for me.)

Today I will be putting away all of the spools of thread tossed hither and yon in my mad dash to finish before the repairman arrived at the shop.  (Else it would be 2 weeks before I might have my machine back).   I will be pulling out my wee BL9 and doing some piecing. I  have a fair number of quilty projects to get going and an appointment with a long arm quilter on Thursday.  (OK, the quilt group has an appointment and I am sneaking one in the batch.) 

My friend Miss H has been taking some pictures for me.  Here is Mr B and the orange quilt. 

Lastly, I've been winding down my GN year.  Our annual meeting was this week.  It would be a really fun celebration if I didn't have to prep and present the annual report!  But it is done for another year and I've only a couple more meetings before I can take my annual powder until after the holidays. 

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