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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Corners are Unparalleled. No Really!

 OK, so they probably are parallel, I'm not THAT bad at sewing a straight line, but they don't always match.  I was posting this quilt over on Craftster.org.  In the process I again looked at this picture which shows some pretty even stitching (for me) but the corners don't meet.  A random thought entered my head and .... Well, here's the rest of that story.

My new quilting Anthem... (to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn*)

Corner's don't meet and I don't care. 
Corner's don't meet and I don't care
Corner's don't meet and I don't care
Quilt nazi's go away!

*I am of a certain age wherein grade school music education included all sorts of songs  that are probably very unPC today.  I am also the sort who gets even with the ear worm by making up my own lyrics to whatever tune happens to be stuck today.  Fortunately for everyone involved, I can only remember the chorus so today's quilt anthem is mercifully short.
It seems, my silly song left the impression that I was unhappy with my unmet corners.  The reality is, well here is one of my responses. (Again from craftster..)

Trust me.  I do not feel bad at all about my wonky corners.  I gave that issue up on the very first quilt I pieced.  The one that was so out of kilter, the kind lady at the quilt shop told me not to tear it out and re-do it but to just finish up and move on (dearie.  Yes, I still hear her voice saying that in my head. It is my real quilting mantra... finish it up and move on... Dearie)  I just came up with my little song as I was cropping the photos on the the one that showed the fabric best happened to have the wonky corner.  Made me giggle!

While I admire perfection, am in awe of quilters who can make perfect corners and even stitches, I see no reason for anyone to give up on a project or worse, not even try because they think it needs to be perfect.  A very few of us will even enter at Paducah or Houston, let alone take honors, but all of us can get those hugs and shiny eyed looks and the whispered "for me?'s".  It would be a shame to forgo them for an unrealistic ideal.   Strive to be better?  Go for it!  Quit because it doesn't look like the picture?  Phooey! 
 I thought it would be worth a minute to two to re-post them together here. I really do want people to try something, anything, rather than sit idle because it won't be perfect.  You have to start somewhere.  I know that my quilting has greatly improved with each new project.  I learn from all of my mistakes.  But I finish and move on*.   Maybe with practice someday you  or I will produce a masterpiece. It won't happen without making something.

*Dearie!  You may have thought I could say that without it, but I can't.  I just won't happen. 

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  1. Wonderful post! And you are right, If you quit you'd never know if you could reach that perfection. Good for youfor starting even. Thanks for th words of encouragement too.