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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Progress with no picture

You may recall this quilt from quite some time ago.  It is all stitched with the side panels added.  It is going to the quilter tomorrow.  I am torn about sending this one off for professional quilting.  It is mostly muslin and a jelly roll I found at Tuesday Morning.  While it isn't junky fabric, it also isn't the best quilter's quality.  But the quilt itself turned out pretty cool.  And Mr-its-my-quilt-so-I-have-an-opinion has decided it needs to be quilted in circles.  It is too big for me to handle anything other than straight lines on my own.  Actually it is close to the biggest one I've done ever.  So, off to the quilter it goes.  Perhaps with this off my list, I will be able to write up the tutorial for making the stacked coin strips without measuring.  I took the pictures when I was stitching the center panel.  I just need to re-think the text and get it posted. 

If the sun is shining tomorrow, I will try to get a picture of the top before it goes walk about. 

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  1. I love coin quilts, looking forward to your tutorial.