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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Orange Stash Finish!

Yay!  I am finally done with this one.  I started it over the summer.  It is the same as the Kaffee Quilt I started, finished and gifted at the same time.  This one was primarily stash fabrics.  The little slice of fabric you can see in the middle on the left is the one Mr-I-need-a-quilt-for-a-gift choose.

 I ended up using the sunflower with the dragon fly as the anchor fabric.  It has the orange, teal, brown, yellow/green and white in it.  From there, I just pulled anything that had those colors in it and used it. 

I love the binding fabric.  It was a purchase.  I really like the orange, yellow and white plaid. 

This quilt is all 6 inch squares.  It was hand quilted with pearl cotton.  

My corners, they don't always meet.  I got over that a very long time ago!

Here is the whole thing laid out on the coffee table.  It was supposed to be a table topper.  I think it is probably too busy for that.  I'll have to ponder where it goes or to whom it really belongs. 

Details:  approximately 34 inches square.  Made from quilters cotton in my stash.  The backing is muslin.  Machine pieced.  Hand quilted with number 3 and number 5 pearl cotton.  Binding attached by machine and finished by hand. 


  1. I absolutely love the look of hand quilting. So lovely!!

  2. It's really awesome. I'm SO glad you got over the corner thing. And the hand quilting is divine!

  3. Beautiful job! I love the hand-quilting! It looks like the perfect wall hanging to me!