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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look Who Came to Quilting

Spud 1 got tired of waiting for his quilt.  So he dragged the pieces out and helped put the sections together.  We had it spread out all over the floor with the completed blocks pretty much suitably arranged.  He cut fabric to fill in the holes and I stitched away.  Things were going along quite well until some one else showed up in the middle. 

Eons ago I saw this tutorial  from the blog Tried and True.  I pieced it together using one inch squares.  The whole thing is pieced including the vast tracts of white space.  I have been slowly collecting black, white and red fabrics to make the rest of the quilt... if only I could figure out what the rest of the quilt is supposed to look like.  Spud 1 claimed it. 

Now the silly thing seems to want to be in the middle of my completely disorderly improvisation quilt. Fortunately (unfortunately!) he is headed back to school so I have time to put it back in the box and think about it more.

What do you think?  Does the little robot belong, no need to be, no insist that he be inserted into this quilt? 


  1. HUGE YES! I love him there. He is an unexpected...delightful surprise.

  2. Very nice design and yes for the robot.

  3. Thanks so very much for your kind comment on my blog today, Creative Breathing. I love to write, and I am so thankful to have an audience.
    This is a charming quilt. It looks as though it is made specifically for a robot. If there is too much white for you, perhaps a few squares added on top of the white for balance. He definitely needs to be there!
    Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth

  4. OH that is just to precious. I think you should stitch it up just like that! (-;

  5. Sounds like he is going to stay.... Spud 1 will be happy.

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes, what a great quilt and the little robot is in a perfect spot.