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Monday, August 13, 2012

Craft Gossip

I get a daily email from the folks at Craft Gossip.  Their editors cover the waterfront when it comes to the crafting world.  They showcase completed projects, tutorials, techniques, products, giveaways and opportunities.    I have pursued some of the opportunities and have had some fun while doing it.

Last year they posted an opportunity to get your crafts placed in a craft vending machine at the Fluvog shoe company.  My little badges didn't make the final cut, but I was pretty excited that they were interested and they did send me a gift certificate toward some shoes!

Earlier this year, there was a call for sewers (Gee I hate that word... looks and awful lot like sewers and stinky pipes we are not!) for a research project.   I spent a delightful half an hour google chatting with the researcher.  For my time, they sent a small check and a gift.  The gift was this box of Coats and Clark thread.  There are 25 assorted colors of all purpose thread inside, along with a color sheet and a funky zipper lanyard.

I was reminded to post about it today when I pulled out the box to find a thread that matches the pillow cover I am making.  Sure enough, with 25 non-standard colors, I found one that, while it doesn't match perfectly, blends in well enough to avoid a trip to the store.

So thank you Craft Gossip!  

The pillow cover is a commission piece.  It is machine embroidered on what I believe to be silk and piece with a different raw silk.  (OK, I can't remember exactly. I was buying fabric to make ren faire clothes at a going out of business sale.  To the best of my knowledge, I only bought remnants that were labelled silk or linen.  The labels are long gone from these pieces so I really don't know for sure.  I do know they aren't linen.  Whatever.  It is from my stash and the prices were AMAZING.) 


  1. That's awesome! I love Craft Gossip :).

  2. Beautiful pillow cover! And the little box is like what I call a train case. It looks vintage...and before reading thought you'd replicated the design on the box because the color palette goes together so beautifully in your picture - which I am going back to enlarge right now. And then I'm going to look into Craft Gossip.