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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Iron Craft 6: Peeps

I think I'm late posting my Iron Craft entry this week because it is soooo lame. I saw this absolutely adorable peeps bunting on Craft Gossip by Dana of Made on VandCo. (Whew! Hope I got that all right.) Of course I made it smaller than the pattern, reducing it by hand so they are totally lumpy to start with. I decided to use some scraps of fleece instead of pretty, well behaved felt. I made them as one layer rather than stitching them or stuffing them. I used a hole punch to kinda, sorta, punch holes in the generally right spot on their ears. And I made little tiny sharpie dots for their faces. I strung them all together on rat tail. LAME! The poor things are so embarrassed they all slide together as if to hide behind each other when I hung them up. In fact, one escaped. I swear I cut out 11 little bunnies, but only 10 made it on to the bunting. I don't know where he went. He is probably running around free someplace celebrating the fact that he wasn't strung up by his lumpy ears to be on public display for all to see. Or perhaps he is just making faces at the others from his hiding place in the WIP stack. (An awful lot of things have been able to hide in that pile!)

At any rate, here is my peeps bunting, made in response to this week's challenge on Iron craft. Head on over to Just Crafty Enough to see the absolutely amazing project created by all of the real Iron Crafters!

I should have stuck with my original project and submitted the sugar crusted chickens badges I've been making, but what is Iron Craft for, if not to stretch yourself and try something different?


  1. Oh no, I've have had bunting issues in my day too, It's hard to get them to hang nice. I do love your badge though. I'm very tempted to buy it for the winner of the contest.

  2. Peeps!! That's one of the best spring-time decorations I've seen in the crafty blog world. It's adorable, even if they are all bunched up and hiding. It looks great in the picture :)!! The badge is clever too!

    1. Thanks Lime, but you really should go look at the source bunting. THAT is cute. Any cuteness here is smoke and mirrors. Oh and the badge is the sort of machine embroidery I was talking about. On second thought I don't think it fits, so I'll have to decide if I have the time to do the hand sewing.