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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iron Craft 5: Buddy Can You Spare a Dollar?

The Iron Craft challenge for this week is to make a craft entirely from supplies found at the dollar store. Funny thing is, two weeks ago when Kat and Susi issued the challenge I know exactly what I was going to make. So who is waiting in the parking lot at the dollar store equivalent at 9 am this morning hoping they will unlock the doors early? Yep! Me!

Here are my treasures... 2 glass salad plates, 2 short, flat-topped glass candlesticks, one tall glass votive holder and one glass vase. The E6000 is part of my craft supply stash. (The newspaper that they used to wrap the glass happens to have an article on using books in art and furniture!)

The steps are pretty simple. Clean the glass to remove stickers and any residue that might interfere with the glue. Apply the glue to top rim of the candlestick. Center it on the plate or vase and let it set up. (When I made a large tiered stand for a wedding using beautiful thrifted glass, I carefully drew lines across the platters to find the centers. Placed the candlestick on the center and made small marks around the outside of the candlestick. I then cleaned off the marks that would end up under the candlestick before gluing. A better plan would be to make your centering marks on the top of the plate so you can wash them off after you are done! For this project, since the plates and vase are pretty small, I just eyeballed it.)

TA DA! A set of cupcake stands and a tall hurricane glass or jar for holding whimseys on the mantle!


  1. Such a great way to get a high impact look for cheap

  2. I have been wanting some cake plates. Looks like I need to make a trip to the $$ store.