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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iron Craft 42: Imaginary Friends

Here is a bit more about my imaginary friends from the previous post...

This is Mildred. She loves to dance with joyful abandon.

This is Irene. She is a bit more inhibited than Mildred but she is bound and determined to do her best to keep up. She finds that a nip of bathtub gin sometimes helps. Besides, she'd like very much to catch Jack's eye.

This is Jack, the sailor. He dances a jig and keeps all the ladies guessing as to where his wondering eye might land. He has a buddy Arthur who is hiding having just dumped the contents of his flask into the punch bowl. That is most likely the reason everyone is just a bit fuzzy at the dance tonight.

Frank and Evelyn are here too. They are too busy working the farm and too tired keeping track of the kids to join in the dancing so they are watching from the sidelines.

Frank is holding Frances who would love to jump down and join in.

Evelyn has baby Walter in her arms. She is so tired she fades into the wallpaper. But she does enjoy the music.

Their son Harold is hiding behind the curtain. He saw Arthur at the punchbowl and is wondering whether to try some. He has his slingshot behind his back.

Just so you can really see the whole family, here is a picture of them in the wheat field from earlier in the year.

Thanks for coming to the dance. Drive safely on your way home. Frank, I think the horses know the way so you won't have much trouble. Mildred and Irene are going to need a little help getting the Model T turned over, but I am sure Jack and Arthur will assist.

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  1. These are marvelous! I saw your last post but didn't have time to search for your friends! I was wondering though. :)

  2. Very cool. And yes I am thinking of trying natural dyes next. I dont like the idea of using all those chemicals.