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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iron Craft 39: Thread Jar and a Bizzare Haunting

This week we were challenged to make something using a glass bottle or jar. I don't think the chairman is going to be very excited about my offerings this week. First I thought I would use a cracked pitcher and make a wee ghostie for it like Homemade Mama via Craft Gossip. I couldn't come up with a good plan for eyes and I need to break out my fimo to make wee feet which won't happen this week, so a bad copy of a good idea.

I decided I needed to make something a little more creative and a little better quality. I had a lovely spaghetti jar sitting on the counter and a pile of scrap fabric from a project I am working on. I simply decoupaged the scraps to the jar intending to use it as a thread keeper for all the embroidery thread that comes off my machine. Not so much here either. As usual the pictures tell the truth. Oh well. The joy of Iron Craft is that there is always next week.

Scoot on over to Flickr to check out all the really cool projects from this week. And keep an eye on Just Crafty Enough to see the full gallery and next week's challenge.

Update: Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement on my kindergarten art this week! I decided to take your suggestions and start over.... sort of. I now present.... the hippy mummy jar thread collector! If you look closely you can see the threads he has already collected while sitting as scraps of batting on my craft room floor!

Maybe I'll give him one of those electric candles so all his hidden hippie goodness can shine through! OK, stop me now before I craft again!


  1. Sometimes creativity happens and sometimes it doesn't but all of us benefit from the effort. All this means is that you can bounce back for next week.

  2. I love both ideas even if they didn't turn out like you hoped.