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Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm not one for following patterns.  I tend to make it up as I go along.  That can be fun and liberating.  But it can also be very frustrating.  I am currently fiddling with all the bits on a project that should be simple and straightforward.  Just slap it on and stitch it up.  But... Sometimes, the edges don't quite meet or the colors are too close or the angle is wrong...  Then I have to stop and fuss and figure. 

Today I had the opportunity to make a block for some one who just might need some cheering up.  I indulged in a  wee bit of Andover's Downtown Abbey.  (I mean it isn't breaking the no fabric rule if it is a gift?  Right???)  I was a bit disappointed to see that the fabric was a wee bit wonky.  I couldn't cut a the text (also Andover) straight all the way across.  The small print was a bit wonky too.  Not too much but enough so that it bugged me.  While my block is  a little wrinkled and a little bit out, you can see the distortion in the lower right corner.  I really did try very hard to make the cut square.  Ok, I didn't pull and tug and refold and resmooth.  But I did try. 

It probably wouldn't matter in a less geometric block but it seems to accent my natural tendency to be wonky even when I am trying VERY hard to be precise. 

The block pattern is Garden Path  and it is available in a lovely tutorial by Connie at Freemotion by the River (my upstream neighbor... what's a state or two among quilty friends?) 

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