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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cardboard Classic Cocoa

No pictures today.  I am a bit under the weather with all sorts of stuff.  I would really rather be hosting a Cardboard Classic. 

That is where we invite all the kids we know to build a sled out of cardboard and meet us at the sledding hill (or back yard depending on where the snow is).  We sled and play until the cardboard falls apart.  Then we all have cocoa. 

I always start with whole milk and heat it up.  I add in plenty of cocoa mix.  Even if all that I have is the kind you add to water, I start with milk.  I also add sweetened cocoa powder.  Right now we are working our way through a can of Starbucks.  I will replace it with Ghiardelli or whatever happens to be on sale.  I want the cocoa to be creamy and rich and dark chocolate color.  None of the thin watery stuff for us. 

After all, we've just spent the afternoon outside. Climbing up.  Sliding down.  Climbing up.  It is a perfect treat. 

You can have awards for the sleds if you like.  Encourage the kids to bring their adult.  It makes it much more fun. 

It is a snow day.  Go out and live it! 

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