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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Overnight Tea Party

OK.  Not really.  Just some progress shots of my quilted overnight bag and my tea party quilt. 

This is the tea party quilt.  It is 36 inches square.  Just the right size for having tea with your dolly under the weeping willow tree.  Or inside on the living room floor as the weeping willow tree has about 10 inches of snow under it today.  It is made from orphan blocks.  The green fabric is a beautiful print from the Paris Flea Market line.  The pink is from the French Mill book design for a cause line.  They look great together but not so much with the rest of the quilt they were intended to join.  (That is the one I will be working on next.)

I put this one together as a practice piece.  I wanted to practice my free motion quilting.  No.  Don't get excited.  The teapot was done using my embroidery machine and a quilting motif from Urban Threads.  My humble efforts can just be seen on the left. 

I'll post better picture once the sun comes up and I can get around better.

 Next up is a quilted overnight bag.  I put it together using 4.5 inch squares of quilting cotton.  It was assembled and quilted on muslin.  The lining was made, with pockets!  I have made bags before but never put in pockets.  


Here you can see a bit of the elastic topped pockets on the left and a hint of the traditional pocket on the right.  I am not yet happy with the strap.  The hot pink webbing is a place holder until I figure out what I really want to do. 

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