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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cold is as Cold Does GIVEAWAY!

Or some such thing.  So I am from 'up North' where we have 'real' winter.  I've been living 'down south'  (OK, St Louis ain't exactly South but it is more South than where I used to live.)  The winters here have been pretty mild for the past few years.  I think my blood has thinned. 

It was 7, SEVEN, degrees Fahrenheit when I took the spud to school this am.  No throwing a dress over the jammies and stepping into the flip flops today!  Fortunately, since I am from 'up North' and fortunately, since I am a pack rat, I have a stash of wool sweaters to wear.  I had to dig them out from under a pile of loosely knit cotton ones.  You know, the sort that let the breeze pass through.  Better yet, I found a thermal knit t-shirt during the hunt.  I am not toasty.  OK, I am toastier than I was.

To celebrate finding my treasure trove and to help reduce some of the clutter, I am going to give away a t-shirt scarf, similar to the one in the photo.  These are fun scarves to add some color to your outfit and can add some warmth if you choose to wrap them up a bit more. 

 Yours will be grey and yellow or red.  Just tell me which color you prefer.   Unfortunately it won't have a flower on it.  I'd take a picture of it but it is just too cold to get up and do that. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me which color you prefer.  I will pick a winner Sunday December 15 after 5 pm. 

Unfortunately, I can't ship this outside the US.  If you are an international reader, feel free to leave a comment anyway and if your number comes up, I will contact you about a treat I can ship overseas. 

Stay warm!

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