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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Progress!

I know it is a terrible picture but we had to get things picked up and just took a very quick phone shot after dark.  This is all sewn together except for the long strip at the far left.  We still need to piece that in a more interesting fashion. 

This is a group quilt.  I started randomly piecing blocks and then put it away.  Spud one would get it out and ask for more progress.  Finally he got frustrated and started handing me pieces to sew together.  Then he wanted it to be queen size.  Then we didn't have enough fabric.  Then we put it away.  Then he decided it need to have the robot block.  Then we put it away.  Then he pulled it out and we had to argue over just sew it together versus make it look right.  We are somewhere in the middle on that. 

But it actually looks like it might be a quilt some day.

So... Quilt or tie? 


  1. Love how this is coming together. Like the robot is peeking through the window of his cool, alien workshop. :)

    Quilt or tie probably depends on the Spud. My husband prefers heavy, soft blankets, so his quilts are always tied with uber-thick batting, almost like comforters. For the kids' blankets, I've always quilted them for more durability. (I say "always..." You know... Both times. Ha). Either way, very cool!

  2. This is a wonderfully interesting quilt! It's gathering a wonderful story to go along with it. I hope I don't miss the completion of it.