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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rocket Girl

Boy blacksmith wanted me to make galaxy/nebula/space shirts.  I've been trying.

I'm getting mixed results.  I'm not too sure they look much like galaxies at a distance but there is some interesting depth in the close up view. 

Spud 3 says this one is just plain gross.  That is OK,  It is ripped and I was using it to experiment with overpainting. So I started adding some machine embroidery.  This one is a design from Embroidery Library. 

Rocket girl was one of my many reminders about why I don't typically use red/pink/orange paint as the dominant color.  The red pigment just doesn't move and so the prints are indistinct.  This one was leaves that barely showed.  I over painted with black and used lots of stars.  It is a cool print, but another one that may not translate well at a distance.

I found the rocket girl design over at Urban Threads and decided it would be perfect on this shirt.  Stitched out beautifully.  But that is what you expect from Urban Threads.  More importantly, it stitched out on the t-shirt material without a hitch.  Wonderful.  Thanks UT!

Since that worked, I have also tried embroidering over some of the other shirts that haven't printed well.

 This is a kokopeli print I tried to do in red and yellow.  Again, not such a good print. 

I added an embroidered Kokopeli.  Next one will be in turquoise.  You can see a bit of the printing just below the stitching.  This is also an EmbroideryLibrary design. 

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