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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Problem Solving. Or Avoiding What I am Supposed to be Doing

 I am supposed to be making things for a couple shows.  I am supposed to be cleaning my house.  I am supposed to be packing up some things.  Most of all I am supposed to be making a mini art quilt for the estimable Mare Mare of craftster.org.

Instead, I found it absolutely essential that I make a carrier bag for the hangers I drag around to shows.  I have a couple cardboard hanger boxes that I borrowed stole from my mom.  She used to get them from the local dry cleaner.  I can't find any dry cleaner that has them.  They are perfect for keeping the hangers organized and ready to grab. 

The boxes are old.  I was completely stressed out about them when I sent one with Spud 1 and his buddy, Mr T,  to the last show they did.  I just knew that it would rip or that some one would throw it out as trash.  I am quite sure that Mr T was convinced I am a lunatic for worrying about a dumb old box.  But then given Mr T's status as a complete lunatic (incredibly practical, efficient and organized but entirely goofy) I am not sure I will give his opinion all that much credibility. 

Looking ahead, I realized that the next show I am doing, I will be on my own.  No Spuds to Sherpa the goods.  The most awkward thing I have is the hanger box.  clearly the box needed to have shoulder straps and a supporting bag to keep it intact and recognizable as a valuable tool. 

So... I made the hanger box bag!  I drew around the bottom of the box.  Stitched on a strip for the sides.  It has a muslin lining.  I stitched the lining and outer together at the top and turned it through the hanger opening sides.  Those I folded under and topstitched around the whole thing.  I added the straps, one inch twill tape over the surface going all the way around the bag and under the bottom for some extra support.  The little ties on the front are some more twill tape to keep things all together. 

Fits over my shoulder.  Is comfortable to carry. Looks better than the beat up cardboard.  Winning all the way around.  Now, if only I could make some decisions about Mare's quilt.  She loves modern and bright.  Any suggestions for making it artsy? 


  1. Thats super! Sometimes we just have to do what we must for personal satisfaction if for no other reason. Great finished item or prototype.

  2. I too have been search for a way to store and carry a variety of hangers for my collegiate between Summer breaks and return to the university in the Fall. Thanks for this idea - I did PIN IT to my DIY folder as well.