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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boots on the?

... Wherever you want with this little badge. 

Pardon me while I share my total cuteness overload.  I know that most of you would think that the kitties, bunnies and flowers are the cutest thing ever, but I just love this tiny little boot print.  I love it so much, I couldn't even wait for it to finish stitching to take a picture.

The other cool thing about this particular design is that I drew it electronically using paint.net.  Typically, I draw on paper, take a picture and then retouch using some sort of graphics program.  This one was a first.  It was digitized using stitch Era, which is sadly now unsupported.  I use a Babylock Ellegante 2 for my sewing and all my badges are made using upcycled denim. 

This particular badge is part of a group for a boys club.  The design will appear in the shop as soon as I finish up some other projects. 

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