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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SewSweetness, SewKindness

I am working on a bag project.  Re-inventing the diaper bag (and not necessarily in a good way).  But I've started and now I need to finish. 

I was thrilled to see that Sara Lawson of SewSweetess  was sponsoring TalkNT yesterday.  It gave me the opportunity to pop in and ask some questions about things that plague me in bag making.  She was very generous in her answers and I believe I am ready to tackle the next step in my little project. 

Sara has some great bag patterns for sale.  I am intrigued by the aeroplane bag.   She also has a book coming out this Fall.  More importantly, and the real reason I am writing a post about her is that she generously allows people who purchase her patterns to sew and sell bags made using her designs. 

There is a lot of conversation and in some cases controversy over insuring that designers get credit and financial reward for their designs.  I've commented upon it here a few times.  Sara's blanket permission is at the polite and friendly end of the spectrum.  I appreciate that.  And I want to make note of it so that others can go, check out her designs, buy a pattern or two and help make it possible for her to continue that policy. 

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