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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Low Volume or "Next Time Use More Contrast"

I had the opportunity to join the St Louis Modern Quilters on a sewing day yesterday.  It was wonderful.  We went to the  meeting room in the Webster Groves Library. It was a very nice facility and perfectly arranged for us to work as much or as little as we liked.  I have to say it was a fantastic day.  I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies better.  It was even more amazing to see the quilts they were working on.  What incredible quilters! 

Never having been before, I took a BUNCH of projects.  I figured seven hours of sewing time would be more than enough to get at least two or three projects done.  HA!

I spent the entire time I was there sewing and trimming the half square triangles for this quilt.  I know.  There aren't even that many there.  I even skipped lunch.  OK so there was a major fire in the area and getting out to find lunch seemed more hassle than not but I still stayed and sewed the whole time.

In my defense, I was an hour late and had to leave an hour early.  But still I spent five hours making half square triangles. I do have to say the time was well spent.  Ever since my precision sewing crisis during the craftster.org block swap, I have been making a conscious effort to do better.  It was absolutely horrifying to me to see how far off these blocks ended up being.  I used my swanky hst ruler to mark and cut them.   The original blocks were pretty darn close to accurate.  And still the final blocks were off by as much as a quarter of an inch.  Not any more.  They are all the same size now.

These pictures show them all laid out on the design floor.  Spud 3 came up to work his color positioning magic.  I was pretty close.  He didn't have to shift much but he did identify one pin wheel that didn't follow the 'rules' for this quilt.  On his way out the door he said, "next time use more contrast." 

(This is a project for a special person.  I'll tell you more about it when I can.)  

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  1. This is looking good! I like the touches of blue.

    It was a fun day, wasn't it? I enjoyed being "table neighbors." :)