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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bird Next to Wire

* I have an irrational fear of birds.  I can squish spiders.  I have a healthy respect for snakes but they don't terrorize me.  But birds... no way.  Not going near them.  I love to watch them.  I love it even more when there is a sheet of glass separating us.  I am fascinated by the ever-changing variety of birds I see living under the North American flyway.  I drag the spuds out to go eagle watching and to look for pelicans every winter.  But I.  Don't. Like. Birds.  Not up close and personal.  I will flee my home, rather than confront the poor confused starling that fell down the chimney.  I will cower in fear if I discover one flying around the far off ceiling of a big box store.  I will run in terror from one on a perch in a store.  I don't like birds. 

Therefore, I have no idea why I would use up a precious snippet of my printable fabric on a bird graphic (graphics fairy).  Nor do I really understand why I purchase chicken wire fabric every time I see it in a shop.  But I did.  Print the bird.  Buy the chicken wire.  And now they are together. 

Another in my ongoing attempt to define steam punk in a mug rug.  This one is about 8 inches on its longest side (I'd go measure it to be accurate but then I'd have to get near the bird again.  And why would I choose to do that?  It is quilt as you go and finished off with a hand sewn binding. 

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