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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pork, Peppers and Orzo Corn

It went from 60 degrees to 30 here in short order a good time for some spicy comfort food. So I am re-posting this as part of my ongoing effort to collect my favorite recipes from across the interwebs and band them together into one place.


Yes. You guessed it. Cleaned the kitchen and still no sign of my journal. [That would be my recipe journal where I write down recipes as I go so as to keep track of them. It had disappeared for several months in 2010 so I published my recipe notes on-line.] So you all get to see what is for dinner again. Pork chops were half price at the store today. It was bright and sunny and just warm enough to not need a coat. Now ordinarily my lack of a coat would not figure in to what I served for dinner, but today it did. There are peppers and mushrooms an d tomatoes that really needed to be used up. I was thinking a pork schnitzel with a jaeger or hunters sauce (can never remember the difference if any). But it was too warm for a heavy sauce and I started too late to want to get out eggs and breadcrumbs. So… Pork and peppers with orzo and fried corn.

served up

Since this was total improve and since I didn’t pay attention to the amounts, what you get tonight is a roadmap rather than a recipe.

Pour just enough olive oil into a skillet to cover the bottom of the pan. Heat over high and brown each side of the pork chops quickly. Deglaze with wine (I used an open white zinfandel.) There was probably almost a cup of wine all told. I also added a bit of water to almost cover the chops in the pan.

Sprinkle on a bunch of garlic powder, onion powder** and cracked black pepper. I used quite a bit of each. Perhaps as much as 1/2 tsp. Lower the temperature and let simmer until the chops are just cooked through and the liquid is almost completely reduced.

Remove chops to a plate. Add about 1 cup of sliced mushrooms to pan. Saute until they are starting to brown. Add about 1 Tbsp butter. Add in 1 cup chopped red and yellow peppers and about the same amount of chopped fresh tomatoes. Saute until heated through. Finish sauce with 2-3 Tbsp more butter. Add about 1 tsp ground cumin and another big bunch of garlic. Return chops to pan to heat through.

Meanwhile. Cook orzo following package directions. Drain.

Add 1 Tbsp butter to skillet. Pour in on package frozen corn. Cook until water is evaporated and corn started to brown just a bit. Add cracked black pepper and a dash of salt.

Mix Orzo and corn. Pour sauce over. Top with chops. Serve warm.

Must have been OK. Here is the picture the littlest spud took of his plate!


**A couple of notes. If this wasn’t a throw it together as fast as possible meal, I would have sauted onions with the mushrooms and I would have used a couple cloves of minced garlic.

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