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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Retro Fun

So this time I got to do the whole team! What fun. I really love the retro style they asked for and I like how it worked out using the Brush Script. The team names are really cracking me up. I had to look at Olive's a couple times!

Just to note, I took these pics with my cellphone before they even came out of the hoop. The pictures aren't good and the patches aren't trimmed. I was so excited I wanted to get them posted and delivered before the holidays. They will be trimmed and pretty and I will get some decent pics before they are sent off. I sure hope I get some pics of the team in action!

Oh, and another cool thing. When I couldn't find my usual tweezers for trimming, boy blacksmith turned up a sweet pair of locking tweezers. Can't wait to try them for the trimming. I'll let you know....

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