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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Maker Life: Selling All the Things

It can be a double edged sword... 

You go to a show, a small show.  You don't have anything better to do that day but sit and sew.  The sewing you have to do is portable.  You might as well sew at the show where you can talk to people and maybe make a few bucks rather than stay home to work.

But then something happens.  You start selling things.  Lots of things.  You are sewing things up to replace what is on your table.  You sell some more.  You barely have time to sew.  You scour the bottom of the work bag for the popular items.  You discover you don't have any more.  It is a great day for sales.  One of the best ever. 

BUT...  the reason you have a giant work bag full of plushies to sew is that you have several big shows all coming up in short order and you need all the stock you can get for them.  Instead of getting work done in a pleasant location with happy people you burn through your stock and all the work you get done, gets sold immediately. 

And the panic really sets in.  Although past performance doesn't guarantee future results, the fact the customers seemed to have broken the no sales log jam may mean that you need to really kick out the product! 

EEP...  As we say around the WaggonsWest workroom.

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