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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Restored Kitchen

My sister is restoring her kitchen to the 1870's.  She has a few nods to modern conveniences: the cookstove is actually gas and the ice box is a real fridge.  But there aren't any counters or cabinets.  It is all furniture.  She is going to have some soapstone window seats.  They will need cushions.  Mom picked out the fabrics.  I have made some pillow covers and a the worlds most schizophrenic table runner you will ever find. 

Spud one and Bug the niece both HATE it.  One end is purple and mustard.  The other is green and mustard.  But the room is mustard and she wants purple dishes.   I figure she can always put a big bowl on the end that doesn't match today. 

Oh, the important thing.  These fabrics are a strong reference to William Morris, pretty much the dominant designer during the time her house was built. 

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