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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lotus Flower Mug Rug

 It Arrived!  Now I can post pictures of my lotus flower mug rug.  I made it for the Mug Rug Swap on craftster.org.  It is randomly pieced in various shades of green.  I used a tear away foundation and lots of zigzag stitching.

I used the pillowcase method to sandwich and turn the top and backing.  The backing is a simple turquoise print I failed to photograph.  I top-stitched it once it was turned. Since it is small, I did not do any additional quilting on it. 

The lotus flower was made from muslin.  I stitched around the edge and folded it origami style.  The individual folds are hand stitched or tacked in place.  The flower was then hand stitched to the quilt.

It measures 10 x 12 inches overall.


  1. I love this!!, The lily pad is awesome!! and the lily is perfect! So very clever!!!

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