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Monday, September 24, 2012

Working out the knots

Very busy making badges for an upcoming show.   It is not a blog-rich environment.  Spud 1's friend was over to help get things organized.  She saw the craft in public badge and asked for one that said Knit in Public.  I set one up for her.  It is 3.5 inches in diameter.  Probably the largest one I've made.  I will have to think about adding it to the shop. 

It is appropriate to make such a badge as I am hosting a wine and yarn event this week to kick off a charity project.  As part of that, I've found myself untangling and rolling up the donated skeins of yarn.  Not a thing I particularly like doing, but definitely something I can do mindlessly while carrying on a conversation. Since  ask the expert (otherwise known as my sister) came in for a brief visit, it was something to work on. 

It was fun going through all of the old badges I've made.  I realized there are a lot of them that have not been added to the shop yet.  I'll have to get on that soon.  Sadly, all I really want to be doing at the moment is quilting.  I have projects I want to finish.  More I want to start.  I need to finish a steampunk piece.  It has been sitting for more than two weeks because I managed to knot the thread, on the front and I haven't been able to figure out how to get past it.  I think I finally have a plan but it involves finding my notched needles and seeing if I have one small enough for the job. 

What do you do when your thread knots and there is no way to get it undone? 

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