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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Falling Silent

The change in seasons seems to have left me in a funk.  You may not have noticed I've been absent.  But I haven't been myself lately.  I have not been upholding my part of the conversation.  I read your blogs.  I am as amazed and inspired as always.  I think in superlatives when I see your projects.  I laugh at your funny stories.  I relate to your troubles.  I smile.  I sympathize. 

And yet I cannot comment. 

I type but have nothing to say.  It has all been said.  So I delete. 

Perhaps it is the looming speeches that have my words twisted up unable to be free.  Perhaps it has been the long slog through the summer of events and issues.  Perhaps it is all the words coming at me.  Perhaps I am overwhelmed by the need to catch up.  Perhaps it is just time for a rest.  Perhaps I simply need to take a moment to catch my breath.  Perhaps all I need is a thesaurus. 

I don't know where my words have gone. 

I do know that I am missing them.

I am looking for them.  If you see them shuffling about under the fallen leaves, tell them to return home.  I have things to say.   

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  1. Well, I can certainly relate. I feel like I say the same things over and over...and it becomes rote...when what I'm feeling is so much more. As we know, to everything there is a season. I accept your season of silence and believe that you'll hear better in it.