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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Got Nuthin'

Pretty much nuthin'. I finished Project Quilting with a whimper.  The last project has all of the blocks made but not sewn together. I officially finished 4 of the 6 challenges. Oh well.  Maybe I can work on the off-season challenges to make up for it. 

Instead of doing sewing, I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  Looking for a missing 40 yard dumpster full of tires and adding up tons of trash.  This past weekend was the seventh Annual Confluence Trash Bash and I had the pleasure of heading up the team that organized it.  AND I get to do it all over again in a couple weeks when we roll out the 12th Annual Mission: Clean Stream/GM Earth Day.  Yep.  Hundreds more volunteers and tons more trash. 

In the meantime, I am making my costume for the Seventies Disco Murder Mystery party I'm attending this weekend.  Sewing on modern shiny knit, which is a huge improvement over the Quiana of the past, is a graphic and tactile reminder of why people gave up sewing in the seventies!  If the fabric didn't blind you, sewing the fabric would send you screaming into the dark!

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