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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Do Not Like This Sam I Am. I Do Not Like This Pillow Sham.

I do not like this Sam I am
I do not like this pillow sham
I made it from a scrap of stash
I made it in a great big dash
I did not applique it with a fox
I think I'll put it in a box
I think I'll put it on the floor
I'll do better with challenge four.

I did not like this week's Project Quilting Challenge. It was Orphan blocks and WIPs.  I have long maintained that WIPs are WIPs for a reason.  Mine are that way, not because I don't like them or I am bored with them.  They are WIPs because I have a vision but I don't have the knowledge or skill to complete that vision.  And I am unwilling to compromise that vision.  So I set it aside and mull it over for however long it takes until the quilt speaks.  Or until my skills are up to the challenge.

So I wondered through my stash of WIPs and my very few orphan blocks.  And I rejected them all.  I knew I couldn't complete the wonky house quilt and did not want to break out the tree blocks for something else.  I'm still not sure how to finish the ruffled quilt.   I don't feel like squaring up the rest of the halloween blocks.  My quilt club blocks are samples of a wide variety of techniques and I want to be able to refer to them.  And on and and on

So I started through my scrap bag.  I vaguely recalled that there were some orphans in there.  I didn't find any orphans but I did find this strip set. It was from an unfinished project.  On that I did not start with a vision but with a vague goal of making money... that is a long story for another day.  Needless to say you can quilt for love but not for money.  The strip set was free for me to mess with.

Thus is born the completely unnecessary pillow sham.  It has an envelope back from the red fabric in the picture.  It is some what loosey goosey in the picture because I don't have a pillow form that fits it.

I am sure I will love it on the porch for the 4th of July but for now... I do not like this!  Oh well.  It is a finished quilted project.

Project Quilting is the brain child of Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams.  The weekly challenges come from the evil genius of her mother-in-law Diane.  You can see all of the projects HERE.  If you vote for mine, it will be a mercy vote and completely undeserved.  But you should go visit and see all of the amazing quilty goodness that have appeared over the course of the week. 


  1. LOL! You're too fun! This is cute and you 'made it work' for you! The mitered corners look fabulous!

  2. I snarfed I was laughing so hard at your poem. YAY for FINISHED!!

  3. Oh my gosh, fun post and so incredibly relatable. I've been there so many times! I will bet at some point in the future this sham won't look so bad to you. It has a place in this world, you just haven't found where that is yet...or maybe you have...on that front porch. It you didn't like it so much you'd be considering the "back" porch. :-)

  4. I love your poem! Good for you to stick it out even though you weren't especially inspired this week. Sometimes a finish is good enough. If you really don't like your sham in a few months it makes an easy gift. :) www.quiltartbymegan.com

  5. Love your poem and I'm pretty sure challenge 4 will be yours. I've been in your shoes when a challenge just doesn't fit me. You made the most of it and created that pillow that I like.