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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


From the complete lack of posts on my blog it seems like I've been a complete slacker all summer.  That really isn't the case.  I've been traveling a bit which has slowed me down but mostly I've been making things by the dozens.  If I ever get a chance to breathe, I will post pics.  But hopefully by the time I can breathe, the shows will be over and I won't have anything left.... a girl can dream!

Today I was sick of staring at the machines and mess.  When I saw a post that our LQS was having a hexie demo in an hour I jumped.  I called up my quilty friend Bev and said I'd be by to pick her up in 45 minutes.  A quick shower, a wild hunt for a clean shirt, a wee bit of ironing and I was there. 

I expected a 10 minute talk.  What we encountered was a lesson complete with $5 kit.  There turned out to be 5 of us total with one fantastic teacher.  She taught us English Paper Piecing.  Clearly Bev and I were more used to hand work than the others because we both finished basting, stitching and appliqueing before the time was up. 

Half-way through I realized I was making a mini quilt AND that it was still September.  That meant I actually had a project for the Project Quilting September Off-season challenge!  All I had to do was dash home stitch on the back, fill it with the (provided, can you believe it) bag of walnut shells and I was done!  Woo Hoo.

Best of all I think that I could do a hexie project.  To all my #talknt friends, yes, I've gone to the dark side.  I resisted for a long time but they got me in the end.  I did manage to resist buying the papers but I'm not sure it is going to last long.  I could be sitting here using up scraps instead of typing... 

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