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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Patches are IN for Fall Fashion!

Just saw THIS over on Craft Gossip.  It seems patches are IN this Fall. 

How cool is that?  But then around here, we've been making patches for years! 

Here is part of set made for a customer who uses them to customize things for her customer.  She always comes up with interesting project for me

Having a party?  This must have been one fun birthday party!

A fish from the party pack.

A smile?  A red banana?  No.  The Easter Island Flag, one of my first custom orders.  Made for some one who collects flag patches as she travels the world.  There weren't any available for Easter Island and other places were going to charge an arm and a leg. 

More custom work.  See the teeny tiny heart on the book?  I learned a lot about digitizing getting that on there!

Making a statement.

Adventure set.  

For the comic crowd.


Never drew bike before.  Then I had to digitize it.  Fun.

Ya mon.

Flags anyone?

Love those Urban Threads designs.

An original design made as part of a larger badge for a drum circle.  Best reason to make custom badges is it lets me explore new ideas and images!

Playing with variegated thread is fun.  A very traditional patch.

Another Urban Threads design.  This one, in this size is an edition limited to 5. Too many threads for the space.

Some times, I make badges for groups and troops.  This one was for a boys club.  They wanted hiking.  I just had to make the iconic hiking boot foot print.  These little barbie boots are soooo cute.

Obscure.  Yes,  I like to make obscure things.  For the if you know, you know crowd.  This one is gaming based.

And then there are the challenges.  Sometime in languages other than my own.  How small can you go???  But always fun.  Makes me want to know where they end up. 

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